Reading Vision Correction

As we age, almost everyone will need reading glasses or vision correction surgery to combat the loss of near vision. This is normal, but why does it happen? Throughout life, the internal lens of the eye progressively hardens and loses its ability to automatically change shape. So, as time passes, the muscle system that controls the shape also weakens. This decreased ability to focus on near objects is called presbyopia, which is usually noticeable by age 45.

Currently, there are several surgical and non-surgical options to help deal with presbyopia and correct reading vision:

Presbyopia and Reading Vision Correction Options



  • Monovision contacts
  • Multifocal contacts
  • Bifocal glasses
  • Multifocal glasses
  • Reading glasses
  • Readers over contacts

Which vision correction procedure, if any, is best for you is dependent upon many factors that will be discussed during your free consultation with Dr. Mozayeni. Providence Eye & Laser Specialists takes pride in finding the best solution for every patient. Sometimes your profession and/or your hobbies will dictate what is most appropriate for you. That is why we talk to you about how you use your vision personally and professionally so that we can make the best recommendation for all aspects of your life. We will always discuss options with you and only recommend those that we would recommend to ourselves or family members.

If during your vision correction consultation Dr. Mozayeni discovers a cataract or the onset of cataracts (typically in your mid-sixties or older), he may refer you to a cataract specialist so that you can investigate lens replacement options such as Restor©, Rezoom©, Crystalens© or Tecnis. It is only in these patients that Dr. Mozayeni feels that a lens replacement is appropriate. Never at Providence Eye has Dr. Mozayeni recommended replacing a healthy lens with an artificial lens to achieve better vision. A healthy lens is a valuable part of your body. He feels there are better ways to achieve clearer vision.

Ready to take the next step to see what vision correction solution Dr. Mozayeni would recommend for you? Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation!