LASIK Aftercare Part 1: Showering & Bathing

Once a LASIK eye surgery patient's procedure is complete, the Providence Eye & Laser Specialists office sends them home with their accompanying driver to take a long nap. When they wake up, they will already have clearer vision. However, it is important to remember proper LASIK aftercare is critical for your corneal tissue requires several weeks to completely heal. When preparing for LASIK eye surgery patients often ask similar laser vision correction questions about when they can return to everyday tasks like bathing and showering.

This three-part series covers the basics of LASIK aftercare such as how to take required medications and how to complete daily activities like showering and bathing until your eyes have finished healing.

LASIK Aftercare for Showering & Bathing

Dr. Mozayeni always tells patients that it is okay to bathe or shower normally the day after your LASIK eye surgery. The important LASIK aftercare tidbit is that patients must be extremely cautious to keep hair care products and/or facial washing liquids away from the eye. A frequently asked laser vision correction question is when patients can return to their normal bathing routine. Dr. Mozayeni recommends waiting for 5 days before water (or soap, shampoo, body wash, etc.) is allowed in the eye or your head is submerged in water. These LASIK aftercare precautions allow your corneal tissue to heal properly.

If water, soap, shampoo and/or similar washing materials are not kept out of the eye for the 5-day post-op period, patients could:

  • Run the risk of infection with soap, water, shampoo, etc. in eyes
  • Experience burning and irritation
  • Rub your eyes and wrinkle the corneal flap made during the LASIK eye surgery
  • Accidentally exacerbate any dry eye symptoms/begin experiencing dry eye symptoms

LASIK Aftercare for Other Water Exposure & Swimming

Aside from bathing and showering after LASIK, there are different instructions when it comes to swimming. Often patients ask similar laser vision correction questions about when they can return to the pool, hot tub, ocean or lake. At Providence Eye, we advise post-op LASIK eye surgery patients to wait for 14 days before returning to these activities to ensure optimal LASIK aftercare and healing. Due to the chemicals in chlorinated water and the particles found in salt and fresh water bodies, irritation, redness and corneal tissue infection is a high possibility immediately after LASIK eye surgery. Interactions with these bodies of water can slow the healing process or cause post-op damage.

To learn more about LASIK aftercare, check out “After LASIK Eye Surgery, Part II: Medications” and “After LASIK Eye Surgery, Part III: Daily Activities” to answer all laser vision correction questions about post-surgery care. If you want to see more and live better, contact our office today.

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