After LASIK Eye Surgery Series Part II: Medications

Once a LASIK eye surgery patient's procedure is complete, the Providence Eye & Laser Specialists office sends them home with their accompanying driver to take a long nap. When they awake patients will already experience clearer vision. However, it is imperative to remember that your corneal tissue requires several weeks to completely heal. While this occurs, patients often have questions about when and how they complete certain everyday tasks after their LASIK eye surgery. This three part series covers when post LASIK individuals can bathe and shower, how to approach required medications and how to complete daily activities until your eyes have completely healed.

To initiate fast healing times, and decrease dryness and chance of infection, Dr. Mozayeni sends all post LASIK eye surgery patients home with certain medications. These measures are put into place to ensure your corneal tissue experiences the least amount of post op inflammation and dry eye experienced by some patients. Using the following medications will not only ease any discomfort you are feeling, it will also help you sleep soundly and keep you from rubbing your eye(s), which runs the risk of dislodging your healing corneal flap.

Preservative Free Lubricating Drops

  • Over the counter drops help relieve any dry eye or and general discomfort
  • Keeping eyes moist will insure the fastest healing cycle possible
  • This acts as water for your eyes. Even when your eyes don’t feel dry they may be

Anti-inflammatory Drops

  • Inflammation relieving eye drops that reduce swelling and irritation in the ocular cavity after LASIK eye surgery
  • Utilizing these drops according to Dr. Mozayeni’s specific instructions ensures a fast recovery and reduces inflamed corneal tissue, as the tissue heals faster and poses lower risk for post-op corneal infections

Antibiotic Drops

  • Prescription strength eye drops prevent eye infections and minimize post op inflammation, especially in regards to the patient's reshaped corneal tissue

Regular Prescriptions Outside of LASIK

  • All medications, both over the counter and prescription, should be reviewed with Dr. Mozayeni prior to your LASIK eye surgery. There are certain medications that increase ocular dryness and can create other LASIK complications. If necessary, Dr. Mozayeni will consult with your primary care physician to properly manage any non-procedural related prescription medications.

Check out "LASIK Aftercare Part I: Showering & Bathing" and “After LASIK Eye Surgery, Part III: Daily Activities” to best prepare for other areas of life after undergoing LASIK.

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