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One of the most important parts of LASIK eye surgery is what you do after surgery takes place. Following both pre-op and post-op instructions as directed by your surgeon contributes to an optimal result. During an initial consultation for LASIK eye surgery at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, we...


What is the average LASIK eye surgery recovery time? This is a very important question. After all, we are all busy and most of us do not have the luxury to put our lives on hold for very long. Fortunately, there is great news! The average LASIK recovery time is about 24 hours. This is mostly...


At Providence Eye, we pride ourselves on our LASIK suite for many reasons. If you’re wondering why our LASIK suite is so integral to our practice, read below to learn about our history, as well as some fun and important facts.

Providence Eye’s LASIK Technology: Then and Now

  • We have never used...