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“See it to believe it” is a phrase used in all areas of life, and at Providence Eye, we couldn’t agree more. The best way for us share our laser eye surgery outcomes and patient experiences with you, is for you to see them for yourself.

Why We Chose Solutionreach For Our Patient Review Service



There is a lot to take into consideration when you’re trying to decide if you want to have LASIK eye surgery. After all, we are talking about your most precious sense: your eyesight. It would seem obvious that you meet your LASIK surgeon during your LASIK consultation. However, this is not the case...


Unlike many other surgeries, it is not necessary to have general anesthesia (be put to sleep) for LASIK eye surgery, and in fact, it is actually necessary that you are awake for the procedure. There are several reasons why you are awake during LASIK eye surgery:

  • The procedure is very fast!...