Cost of Not Getting LASIK

At first glance, LASIK might seem expensive. But if you do the math, LASIK is really a smart investment that will save you money in the long run on glasses, contacts and solution.

The average cost of LASIK by an experienced surgeon with state-of-the-art technology in the Charlotte regions is $3,500-$5,000, including post-operative care visits. Daily contact lens wearers could pay anywhere from $496-664 per year. Add in the cost of contact solution and backup glasses over a 10-year period, and the cost of contacts adds up to over $8,500. That’s up to a $5,000 savings over 10 years.

Not to mention the time spent worrying about taking out contacts, putting in contacts, buying contact solution and cleaning your contacts. In fact, over 10 years, if you spend an average of 10 minutes per day with the fuss of contact lenses, you will have spent 25 days dealing with contact lenses! Compare that to LASIK surgery that takes as little as 5 minutes per eye.

What would you do with $5000 and 25 days back in your life? A vacation, hug your spouse, kiss your kids one more time, read a few more pages, enjoy that last inch of coffee before you run out the door?

Imagine: no torn contacts, not running out of contacts and scrambling to get a new supply, contacts breaking and “floating to the back of your head”, broken glasses with tape around the bridge, lost glasses, out of style glasses...we could keep going!

cost of lasik