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In keeping with our commitment to always staying on the forefront of vision improvement advances, Dr. Nunnery uses the CATALYS® Precision Laser System in Charlotte to make cataract surgery:

  • More automated and customized than traditional methods
  • More precise
  • Safer specifically for patients with advanced cataracts
  • More comfortable

An added benefit of laser assisted cataract surgery is that it may reduce the risks associated with increased eye pressure due to a liquid optics interface.

Catalys System Beauty Shot

How Does CATALYS Work?

Before surgery, Dr. Nunnery creates a 3D map of your eye to create a personalized treatment plan that is programmed into the system and used throughout the surgery process. Computer-controlled laser pulses create the ideal incision to gently fragment and remove the cloudy lens while protecting the surrounding tissue. Dr. Nunnery fully explains how this high-resolution, 3D surgical platform works so you have a complete understanding of every single step in the procedure.

After the cloudy lens is removed, the replacement lens that you have selected will be inserted through the same incision. The incision heals on its own, without any need for stitches. You may experience mild discomfort as your eye heals, but this can be controlled by using the prescribed medicated eye drops.

How is our laser assisted cataract surgery different?

Even after hearing the many benefits of this state-of-the-art procedure, we realize that you may still be nervous about having eye surgery. That’s why we will spend as much time as needed to educate you on the process, inform you about your options and answer all of your questions. This is all done with respect and compassion – without rushing you into surgery. In fact, we will tell you honestly if we feel the time is not right for surgery.

You are never just another number – just another set of eyes – when you choose Providence Eye & Laser Specialists. As we get to know you, learning more about your vision goals and lifestyle, you will quickly become a new member of our family!

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