Distance Vision Correction

There are many ways to correct your blurry distance vision. You are probably using glasses or contacts right now. This would be the traditional or “old fashioned” way of vision correction. At Providence Eye, the modern, tried and tested way is with laser vision correction surgery, commonly referred to simply as LASIK.

How long have you been wearing glasses or contacts? Whether it has been since you were age 4 or 24, now is the time to move on.  At Providence Eye, Dr. Mozayeni has invested in the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology approved by the FDA.

We treat every patient like a member of our family and we know that one size does not fit all when it comes to vision correction surgery. For this reason, we offer multiple options for distance vision correction:

  1. All-Laser LASIK
  2. PRK All-Laser No-Flap LASIK 

Determining if You’re a Candidate for Distance Vision Correction

Having a comprehensive LASIK consultation with Dr. Mozayeni is the only way to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK, PRK or maybe neither. During your consultation Dr. Mozayeni will:

  • Look at your vision
  • Examine the overall health of your eyes
  • Analyze your corneas

There are times when, for a variety of reasons, neither LASIK or PRK are right for the patient. A few examples are:

  • Thin corneas
  • Lack of corneal integrity
  • Eye health issues
  • Other current active health issues

If you are not a good laser vision correction candidate, Dr. Mozayeni will be the first one to tell you that vision correction surgery is not right for you. Additionally, he will explain to you why in terms that you will understand. Finally he will be sure to recommend the next appropriate step for you. After all, it’s all about you and achieving vision that suits your specific needs.

So, if you are ready to move on to a more modern, convenient and safe method for better vision, contact us today to schedule your free LASIK consultation so you can start seeing more and living better.