WaveLight FS200 Laser

Providence Eye & Laser Specialists is unsurpassed in offering the latest LASIK technology in combination with the utmost attention to detail by a surgeon recognized as one of the top 5% of all doctors in the country.

As the first step during LASIK surgery, Dr. Mozayeni utilizes LASIK technology like the WaveLight FS200 Laser to create a precise, thin flap of tissue near the surface of the cornea. Then, Dr. Mozayeni utilizes the complimenting WaveLight EX500 Laser during the second step of the procedure to reshape the cornea, which is what actually corrects your vision.

Dr. Mozayeni invested in LASIK technology like the WaveLight FS200 Laser for all LASIK procedures because it:

  • Minimizes overall risk by eliminating the use of a blade for creating the corneal flap.
  • Reduces the likelihood of dry eye symptoms after the procedure.
  • Provides a custom procedure for each patient by providing Dr. Mozayeni with the ability to tailor surgery according to the size, thickness and shape of each person’s cornea.

The WaveLight FS200 is one of the most recently FDA-approved lasers for LASIK. Its arrival to the U.S. LASIK industry in October 2010 brought us the most significant technology upgrade in ten years. Dr. Mozayeni made the decision to invest in this technology because he saw its ability to excel in precision, speed and comfort for the patient. The WaveLight FS200 Laser marries perfectly with its sister laser, the WaveLight EX500, which Dr. Mozayeni has been using since 2009.