Contoura Vision Topography Guided LASIK

With a dedication to precision and always investing in proven leading-edge technology, Dr. Mozayeni, Founder & Surgeon at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, knew the FDA approval of Contoura Vision® Topography Guided LASIK would be important to him and many of his patients.

What is Contoura Vision - Topography Guided LASIK? 

Contoura Vision Topography Guided LASIK (Contoura Vision) is the next innovative level of customization for LASIK surgery. It is the Wavelight® Topolyzer VARIO Diagnostic Device (VARIO) in conjunction with our Wavelight EX500 laser. The VARIO combines two features:

  • Iris imaging for potential eye tracking registration during the procedure
  • Topography imaging for potential additional customization of your treatment

It is used to take detailed, sophisticated scans of the cornea that not only take your prescription into consideration but also finds and records imperfections in the optics of the cornea and the cornea’s curvature. This data, combined with Dr. Mozayeni’s surgical skill and expertise, can produce an even more precise LASIK procedure called Contoura Vision, providing even better results. Dr. Mozayeni has always delivered personalized, customized and optimal results to patients at Providence Eye, but now, with the introduction of Contoura Vision, Dr. Mozayeni can take his performance and his patient’s results one step further. Contoura Vision - Topography Guided LASIK is an even more customized approach. 

Who’s a Good Candidate for Contoura Vision LASIK?

Our free comprehensive consultation with Dr. Mozayeni will ultimately determine if Contoura Vision Topography Guided LASIK is right for you. There are certain parameters that must be met to be a good candidate for this type of topography guided laser vision correction:

  • 18 years or older
  • Stable prescription for at least 12 months
  • A prescription no higher than a -8.0
  • Astigmatism no greater than 3 diopters

Please note that the likelihood of obtaining 20/20 vision is the same with or without Contoura Vision. Even if Contoura Vision LASIK may not be right for you nearly everyone will benefit from the more precise iris registration.

Is Contoura Vision LASIK Offered by Every Practice?

Dr. Mozayeni at Providence Eye has been performing Contoura Topography Guided LASIK since 2016. Contoura Vision is not available at most practices as it specifically requires the WaveLight Topolyzer VARIO Diagnostic Device and the WaveLight EX500 laser. Additionally, more than ever before, an extreme level of detail, skill and personalized attention by the surgeon is required to properly program the laser with the precise data used to perform topography guided LASIK surgery using the Wavelight EX500. A surgeon who consistently performs many procedures in a small, personalized environment is best suited for this topography guided laser vision correction technology.

Why Would I Want Contoura Vision Topography Guided LASIK?

It is always Dr. Mozayeni’s goal to deliver the absolute best result to every patient. For certain patients, Contoura Vision LASIK enables Dr. Mozayeni to deliver an even better result than before. In FDA studies, the follow results were seen:

  • 65% of patients who had Contoura Vision LASIK achieved 20/15 vision
  • 35% with this type of topo guided LASIK got better than 20/15
  • 30% got better vision than the vision they had with contacts or glasses

As always at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, we never predetermine the procedure that is right for you. We want to meet you, learn about your vision and how to improve your vision for your lifestyle both personally & professionally. This, along with all the medical data we gather and Dr. Mozayeni’s 20+ years of experience as a refractive surgeon, will enable you and Dr. Mozayeni to determine together what is the best procedure for you.