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Some people are intimated or scared by the idea of laser eye surgery even if they really want all the benefits of LASIK vision correction. Don’t be afraid! Here are 5 reasons not to be scared of getting LASIK:

1. We have the fastest LASIK laser available.

The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q is the fastest laser approved by the FDA. It maintains the natural shape of the cornea for most patients, resulting in the best vision possible. The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes!

2. Our cutting-edge equipment is extremely precise.

The LASIK eye tracker in the Allegretto Wave Eye Q is constantly measuring where your eye is so that the laser treatment is precise. It’s the most sophisticated eye tracker, utilizing 3 infra-red cameras to track eye movement during the procedure at a rate of 500 frames per second! Other eye trackers track at a rate of 200 frames per second and others at only 60 frames per second.

3. It doesn't hurt - Really.

Besides a small amount of pressure that keeps the eye open, you will feel virtually no pain during your laser eye surgery procedure.

4. You can go back to most of your normal activities the next day.

Although we don't recommend contact sports, you can drive, read, and go about your daily routine the day after your LASIK treatment. Check out what the entire LASIK recovery process looks like.

5. Dr. Mozayeni is the best reason not to be afraid.

He cares about you as an individual and treats you that way! This is not a production line. You will be talked through every step of the process. He is a fellowship trained Corneal specialist and has been performing laser eye surgery since 1996.

See, LASIK isn’t so scary after all. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today!

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