If you don’t know anybody who has had LASIK surgery before, you may be asking yourself, “Is LASIK scary?” At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, we make every effort to mitigate your LASIK fears. Here are 9 of the most common LASIK fears, all of which you will not find at Providence Eye.

9. That glaucoma test when they puff air into my eye.

Not at Providence Eye! You’ve probably had the annoying air puff test that checks for glaucoma. Providence Eye will do a full eye exam including testing for glaucoma, but none of our tests hurt and we NEVER puff air into your eye!

8. The doctor is going to cut my eye with what!?

There is no cutting with a blade at Providence Eye. Dr. Mozayeni and Dr. Nunnery perform LASIK eye surgery, with a laser, and this has been the case since we opened in 2003. All laser LASIK eye surgery is the standard of care today.

7. I’m scared I may blink or move my eye during LASIK surgery.

Our team will instill numbing drops in your eyes prior to your LASIK procedure. You will not even feel the urge to blink! Additionally, your surgeon will place a small instrument to keep your eye open for you.

As far as moving your eye, the eye tracker in the Wavefront EX500 Laser tracks the motion of your eye at 1000 times per second and adjusts if necessary. Now that’s fast! The entire procedure only takes 10 minutes from beginning to end. There isn’t even enough time to think about your LASIK fears.

6. Will I have to wear something over my eyes after LASIK?

Yes, we will cover your new super eyes with clear plastic eye shields. You will wear your clear eye shields for the first 24 hours and while you sleep for 5 nights to prevent you from accidentally rubbing your eyes.

5. Tricky pricing, is that what I will find at Providence Eye?

We do not believe in any tricks. Honest, straightforward pricing is what you will find at Providence Eye. We are even happy to discuss the details over the phone.

4. Is there big scary testing equipment?

Our testing equipment isn’t scary at all (we already promised you in #9 no air puff !) The Pentacam is one of the most important pieces of equipment that we have. All you have to do is look into the machine and stare at the blue light for just a couple of seconds, and it will take 22,000 images of your cornea. Your LASIK surgeon analyzes all of this data to determine if you are an ideal LASIK candidate.

3. Where is the LASIK actually done? Is LASIK scary?

Not at all. Our laser suite is located right in the heart of our office. The high-tech suite is temperature and environmentally controlled to make you very comfortable and alleviate any LASIK fears you may have going into the procedure. The laser bed is super comfortable too. We even have a pillow for your knees. Take a tour and see for yourself.

2. Nurses like nurse hatchet from one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, mean and nasty?

Not a chance! All of our ophthalmic technicians and team members are super friendly! The best part about our team is that we are always there for you. We believe in no surprises, so we will talk you through every step of the procedure. You will never be left alone.

1. The number one least scary thing about having LASIK at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists is…

Our surgeons, Dr. Nunnery and Dr. Mozayeni! Have you read the reviews? People use words like caring, calm, knowledgeable and kind. What more could you ask for!

Now that we have answered the ultimate question, “Is LASIK Scary?” and you know that it is not scary at all, contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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