What is the average LASIK eye surgery recovery time? This is a very important question. After all, we are all busy and most of us do not have the luxury to put our lives on hold for very long. Fortunately, there is great news! The average LASIK recovery time is about 24 hours. This is mostly attributed to how quickly the cornea heals itself. At Providence Eye & Laser Specialist, we want you to understand all the details of what to expect during LASIK recovery.

Let’s break average LASIK recovery time down into three categories:

  • The first 4 hours
  • The first 24 hours
  • The first 12 months

LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery: The First 4 Hours

What happens during the first 4 hours after LASIK? This is really the only period during the LASIK recovery period that you will be a little uncomfortable. But no worries, once you finish up with your LASIK surgeon, they will typically give you a light sedative before you go home. They will then instruct you to cover your eyes with clear removable protective shields to prevent you from rubbing your eyes and tell you to sleep for about 4 hours. Remarkably the slight burning and itching sensation ceases at almost exactly 4 hours into your LASIK recovery time, just like someone hit the light switch!

LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery: The First 24 Hours

What happens after you wake up 4 hours later? The next 20 hours of your LASIK surgery recovery time are important, as this is when your cornea is healing itself. You will feel good and likely see a significant improvement in your vision. The worse your prescription was, the more immediate improvement you will experience. At this point in your LASIK surgery recovery, you will want to just hang out, keep your eyes lubricated (always follow your surgeon’s directions regarding drops/medications) and keep your shields on, so that your eyes are protected. Some activities you can do during this time are:

  • Watch TV
  • Have Dinner
  • Read a book

There are some physical activity restrictions that your surgeon will explain to you. Then you will be seen for your first post-op appointment the day after your LASIK surgery. This is when your surgeon will check your vision and ensure that our corneas are healing properly. If necessary, they will provide any additional instructions for your LASIK recovery, but in most circumstances, at this point, you are cleared to drive and resume your normal daily activities.

LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery: The First 12 Months

Your eyes will continue to heal over the next 12 months. It is important to complete the drops that were prescribed by your surgeon and to always keep your eyes lubricated during your LASIK recovery time. You should follow your surgeon’s post-op appointment routine. At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists we recommend that we see you for 4-5 post-op visits over the first 12 months of LASIK eye surgery recovery and then to have annual eye exams. It is normal over this time to see some fluctuation in vision. If you ever feel concerned about your vision or how your eyes feel, you should always call your LASIK surgeon right away to discuss your concerns.

So, now that you have the great news that average LASIK recovery time is only 24 hours, it’s time to see if you are a great candidate. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary LASIK consultation at Providence Eye!

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