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When you first start thinking about getting LASIK, it’s important to consider several things to determine your readiness: age (you should be between the ages of 18 to early 60s), your vision, eye health and finances all need to be taken into consideration. Your health is no exception – ongoing conditions such as diabetes can impact whether you’re an ideal candidate for LASIK or the timing of your laser eye surgery. So, is LASIK eye surgery in the cards for you with diabetes?

Can Diabetics Get LASIK?

Under the right conditions, LASIK eye surgery is a viable option for diabetics! There are a couple of conditions to take into consideration if you have diabetes and are considering having laser vision correction surgery:

Is my vision fluctuating?

This could be a sign that your blood sugar is not stable, in which case this is not the right time to consider LASIK. The surgeons at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, Dr. Mozayeni and Dr. Nunnery, require all patients to have a stable prescription for 1-2 years prior to considering LASIK. Stability is what contributes to having long lasting results from your LASIK procedure.

Is my blood sugar too high?

What is your A1C? Dr. Nunnery & Dr. Mozayeni require that your A1C level be below 7.0. If you have high blood sugar, your wounds may take longer to heal and you may not recover sufficiently after your LASIK eye surgery. This will contribute to an increased risk of discomfort, infection, and corneal damage or thinning.

Am I Ready for LASIK With Diabetes?

Knowing if your diabetes is under control enough to have LASIK comes down to having a current physical exam and A1C check with your primary care physician and a comprehensive vision correction consultation with your potential LASIK surgeon. It’s always important to get a full picture of your overall health, ocular health including vision, and the LASIK surgery process including recovery and expected results.

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