Doctor Reviews and Ratings Can Help You and Your Family

There are several doctor review and ratings sites that patients can use to research and share their experiences. Finding reliable feedback from community members has helped many in the process of choosing doctors and other healthcare providers. Here are some popular review and ratings sites that you may be familiar with:

Social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can provide a resourceful outlet to research feedback from past patients and learn frequently asked questions from potential visitors.

Research Reviews to Prepare for your Next Doctor’s Visit

Know what to expect by cluing in on advice from people in similar walks of life. Whether you are researching LASIK surgeons, family dentists, new doctors or old, there is likely to be a resource on the web for your needs.

Doctor and healthcare-specific review sites usually go into considerable detail. They allow you to score different aspects of your entire experience with a healthcare provider. For example, on, you can hone in on the specific attributes that brought you to a final decision on your treatment - from scheduling an initial appointment to the time spent in the waiting room.

In addition to ratings and opinions, you may also find other important information on review sites, such as:

  • Practice Specialties
  • Medical Licenses and Certifications
  • Education
  • Appointment and Visit Information: Addresses, Phone Numbers, Hours of Operation

Remember to take the good with the bad. Doctors aren't perfect, and sometimes negative experiences can lead to a more desirable outcome that is better suited for the individual.

When using doctor ratings and review sites in your decision making process, it’s a good idea to consider more than one review. If you choose a doctor based on reviews, be sure to let them know how it impacted your decision!

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