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Providence Eye & Laser Specialists has been performing all-laser LASIK (no blades) since 2003! Our surgeons, Dr. Mozayeni and Dr. Nunnery provide meticulous medical care in a personalized, un-rushed professional environment. Want to learn more about The Providence Eye experience?

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Cataracts eBook

If your vision has become cloudy and dull, be assured that this is completely normal as we age. Monitoring the health of your eyes for the progression of cataracts is extremely important. Want to learn more about The Providence Eye experience with our cataract surgeon Dr. Trey Nunnery?


Ophthalmic Plastics eBook

Eyelids play a key role in our vision and appearance. Stys, droopy eyelids, lesions, or cancerous spots can interfere with vision and/or make us look tired or older than we are. Our ophthalmic plastic surgeon, Dr. Valerie H. Chen, provides both medically necessary and elective treatments that can improve your vision and/or enhance your appearance to meet your expectations.

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