Corneal Care

Dr. Mozayeni is a fellowship trained Cornea Specialist and the most experienced doctor providing all-laser, blade-free LASIK in the Charlotte metro region. Because laser vision correction is a procedure done on the cornea, Dr. Mozayeni’s training sets him apart from most other doctors and enables him to provide a level of expertise unavailable elsewhere.

The cornea is clear tissue that covers the eye like a window. One of the functions of the cornea is to focus light rays. In order to function properly and provide the best possible vision, the cornea must remain healthy and clear. It is composed of the same tissue that hair and nails are made of, except that it is live tissue and has very unique capabilities in terms of healing and self-repair.

When the cornea is damaged either by injury, disease, or hereditary conditions, it may become swollen or scarred. These scars may cause the cornea to scatter or distort light resulting in reduced vision. Many of these conditions can be treated with medication and/or surgery.

One of the most common reasons for an unhealthy cornea is the overuse of contact lenses. We often see patients with contact lens-related corneal problems and can typically treat them with expert care in preparation for LASIK. Detecting subtle corneal problems and ensuring your eyes are in optimal condition before LASIK is critical to a safe and successful procedure.