Best LASIK Surgeon & Eye Doctors

Take your time when choosing the team for your vision correction surgery and always meet your LASIK surgeon – you will carry their work with you for the rest of your life! The best and most expereinced LASIK surgeon in Charlotte, NC is Dr. Reza Mozayeni at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists. Dr. Mozayeni will take all the time that is necessary to determine if you are a ideal LASIK candidate, perform your surgery and ensure that you are healing properly after LASIK. All of our eye doctors are here to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable with your decision.

Learn More About Your Eye Doctor

Your vision is important. Choosing the best and most experienced LASIK surgeon in Charlotte is a serious decision and you deserve to find an experienced and knowledgeable eye doctor you can trust. Our LASIK doctor, Dr. Reza Michael Mozayeni, will be a part of your entire experience, from the initial LASIK consultation to the entire surgery, and into the months following your surgery to monitor your success.

Dr. Mozayeni is the Most Experienced LASIK Surgeon in the Region

Dr. Mozayeni has successfully performed tens of thousands of vision correction procedures since 1996, giving you peace of mind that your eyes are in the best possible hands.  

When it comes to comprehensive eye care including contact lens exams and fittings, diabetic eye care and annual eye exams, Dr. Vanessa Mills and Dr. Lee Raykovicz provide you with a level of attention you will not receive anywhere else. Drs. Mills and Raykovicz are also trusted by Dr. Mozayeni to be part of the LASIK team that will assist in determining if LASIK is a good procedure for you. Schedule your free LASIK consultation and you will quickly see why Dr. Mozayeni is easily the best LASIK surgeon in the region.