What to Expect the Day of Your LASIK Surgery

On the day of your LASIK surgery, you can expect to be at our office for about an hour and a half. A lot will happen on that day, but the procedure itself only takes about 5 minutes per eye! Please review the following contents of the pocket folder that was provided to you during your consultation.

  • Consent
  • Preparing for Your Treatment Day
  • Post-Operative Instructions

Upon scheduling your surgery, the prescriptions for your drops were sent to your preferred pharmacy. These are typically covered by insurance, but price does vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. Please remember to arrange for a driver to take you home after your LASIK procedure.

5 Steps to Guide You Through the LASIK Surgery Process

Step One: Check In

Please bring all of your medications and eye drops that you got from your pharmacy. Upon arrival at our office, you will do the following:

  • Check in with our front desk team.
  • You should have reviewed and felt comfortable with the consent prior to arrival. We will have you sign an electronic copy.
  • Verify your treatment information.
  • Process your payment.

Please decide in advance how you will be paying for your procedure. Your options are:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Personal Check or Cash
  • Flex Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

If you are paying for your LASIK using a credit card, we recommend that you call your credit card company in advance to make them aware of the LASIK surgery charge. If you have questions about any of these, please see our blog articles about paying for LASIK, or give our office a call to discuss your payment methods.

Step Two: Exam Room

Once you have checked in, one of our ophthalmic technicians will take you to an exam room.

  • You will be offered you a small dose of a sedative. Although it's optional, it's encouraged as it will help you to relax and remain still during the laser eye surgery. 
  • Dr. Mozayeni, Dr. Mills and/or Dr. Raykovicz will measure your vision again on the day of your treatment. We want to confirm the measurements previously determined and verify consistency.
  • You will then watch a brief video that will review the post-operative instructions. One of our ophthalmic technicians will return to the room to see if you have any additional questions about your post-operative care. You will also have a written copy of these instructions, so don’t worry about being nervous and forgetting what we tell you. If the person driving you to your appointment will be staying with you after your treatment, it is a good idea for them to join you to listen to these instructions, too.
  • The technician will put drops in your eyes and clean the area around your lids and lashes with a cleansing solution to prepare you for your laser eye surgery.
  • Once you have been prepped for the laser suite, Dr. Mozayeni will talk to you for a few minutes and tell you exactly what to expect in the laser suite and answer any last-minute questions you may have.

Step Three: Our Proven, Leading-Edge Laser Suite

One of our ophthalmic technicians will then escort you to our laser suite and turn you over to the care of the surgical technician to prep you for your LASIK surgery. We will never leave your side.

  • The technician will assist you to the laser bed, position you under the laser, and make sure you are comfortable.
  • They will start by taping some gauze pads at the side of your face so the drops we use don’t run into your ears.
  • Next, they will instill several numbing drops in your eyes. From this point on, the only thing you might feel during your procedure is a little pressure. We then tape a shield over one eye while we work on the other – this makes it much easier for you to concentrate on the fixation light that helps keep your eye aligned.
  • If you are having all-laser, blade-free LASIK surgery, you will start your treatment on the WaveLight FS200 laser, which is the laser we use to make the corneal flaps. This process takes about 30 seconds per eye. During this time, Dr. Mozayeni immobilizes the eye with a special device that creates a pressure feeling. 

If you are having PRK all-laser, no-flap surgery, your procedure will start at this point.

  • You will remain comfortable on the bed and the technician will swivel the bed to align you under the WaveLight EX500 laser. You will hear how the laser sounds as the technician performs a calibration before Dr. Mozayeni begins. We start by keeping the eyelids open for you with a device you will not feel at all. Remember your eyes are numb so you will not feel anything during this part. Many people don’t realize when your eyes are numb you don’t feel the need to blink!
  • Dr. Mozayeni will make sure you can see the fixation light and ensure you are perfectly aligned under the laser. After a few steps to prepare your cornea for the treatment, he will move the eye tracker into position, which is always on! You will hear the sound of the laser, which is similar to a soft buzzing noise. Most treatments only last between 10 and 30 seconds.

Step Four: LASIK Surgery Complete

After a few seconds of rinsing with saline, the procedure is now over. If you are scheduled to have LASIK eye surgery on the other eye, that will happen next. You can expect the entire process for both eyes to take about 10 minutes, after which Dr. Mozayeni will use an eye microscope and check to make sure everything looks perfect before you head home. One of our team members will escort you out of the laser suite and into a room where your eyes will be covered with clear plastic shields to protect them. You are then ready to go home for a nice, long nap.

Step Five: Rest & Recovery

You can expect your eyes to water, be sensitive to light and have some burning sensation for a few hours, so we suggest you go home and sleep through this part of it. By the time you wake up, your eyes should be comfortable and you will begin to see the results from your laser eye surgery.

We will see you the very next morning for your one-day post-op appointment where Dr. Mozayeni will check your vision and ensure that your corneas are healing appropriately. At this point, you will be approved to drive and go back to most of your normal daily activities. Please refer to your post-operative instructions for details about drops and minor restrictions.