Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery & How to Pay

At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists in Charlotte, NC, we believe in an honest and straightforward pricing policy, and offer many options to make your LASIK surgery affordable. We are also very diligent about assuring our LASIK eye surgery costs remain competitive with what others charge for a similar level of surgical experience, technology, and personalized care, which are all important factors tied to an optimal outcome.

LASIK Eye Surgery Pricing & Payment

It is likely you have seen or heard a range of pricing for LASIK and maybe even heard of per eye discounts for LASIK. Beware, as these offers can be deceptive. We believe that ‘bait and switch’ tactics are an unethical way of providing healthcare, so you will not find any “small print” or “bait and switch” prices at Providence Eye. You may have even seen a LASIK Groupon come across your email and be curious about claiming it? These businesses are often utilizing older technology such as blade-LASIK or using older lasers, which we replaced at Providence Eye years ago.

Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery

Our LASIK eye surgery cost is simple and straightforward. All LASIK costs will be explained and provided to you in writing during your complimentary consultation. Some of our core beliefs around our pricing practices are:

  • We do not charge extra for higher prescriptions 
  • We do not charge extra for astigmatism
  • We provide all of the pricing to you in writing
  • We believe ‘bait and switch’ tactics are an unethical way of providing healthcare

Wanting to compare pricing is natural, but be careful when comparing LASIK eye surgery costs. With the technological advancements in laser vision correction and a wide range of surgeon experience and expertise, it is important to ask specific questions to ensure you are comparing apples-to-apples. Additionally, not all practices provide the best diagnostic technology to determine LASIK candidacy. With such a wide range of technology on the market, getting a second opinion is often the best way to feel good about your candidacy and about the surgeon who will be performing your surgery. Not quite sure what questions you should be asking? In this blog, we outline five questions we think will give you critical information to make your LASIK decision

At Providence Eye, Dr. Mozayeni continually reinvests in the latest technology, rather than discounting his services and later having to cut corners or become a volume-based medical practice. We perform only custom Wavefront LASIK using the WaveLight FS200 and EX500 lasers. There is no second-tier option because we take your eyes very seriously.

How to Pay for LASIK

At Providence Eye, we accept the following forms of payment for your LASIK procedure:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Personal Check or Cash
  • Flex Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Additionally, there are avenues that can assist you in managing your LASIK eye surgery cost:

  • Insurance (some may provide a nominal benefit), although most consider this an uncovered, elective procedure
  • Financing with Wells Fargo and Care Credit® with approved credit.

You can also check out our blog that outlines the seven different ways to pay for LASIK or how to use your HSA/FSA to pay for LASIK

Cost of General Eye Care

Providence Eye participates with most medical insurance carriers. We do not participate in vision plans. Please review your medical insurance coverage, as you may have routine vision care included with your medical coverage. We will be happy to check your insurance for you and tell you what you would be financially responsible for on the day of your exam.