Before LASIK Surgery

Contact Lenses

A few weeks before LASIK surgery, you will need to swap out your contacts for glasses. This is required because contact lenses tend to restrict oxygen flow to your cornea, which can potentially cause corneal swelling. If this swelling occurs, it can create inaccuracies in the measurements taken of your eyes before LASIK surgery. Because of these risks, you will be given specific instructions based on your contacts and how you have worn them. Most people will be told:

  • Do not sleep in your contact lenses for at least three weeks before LASIK surgery.
  • Soft lenses should be left out of your eyes for one week before LASIK surgery.
  • Toric lenses (also known as weighted or for astigmatism) should be left out of your eyes for three full weeks before LASIK surgery.
  • Gas permeable lenses may need to be left out of your eyes for several months before LASIK surgery. Dr. Mozayeni will plan this with you.

Prepare for lasik wear glasses

Informed Consent

Please read the consent provided to you. You will be asked to sign an electronic copy of this document in our office before your LASIK surgery.

Arrange for Payment

In preparing for LASIK surgery, please decide exactly how you will pay. Full payment must be made on or before your treatment day. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks (processed electronically), cash, FSA & HSA accounts. If you plan on using CareCredit or Wells Fargo financing, you must have approval prior to your treatment day.


Eye Drops for LASIK Surgery

You will be contacted by our surgical coordinator the week of your LASIK vision correction procedure and she will review all of the instructions about your drops. You can also find this information in the pocket folder that was provided to you at the conclusion of your consultation.

One day before LASIK surgery, begin eye drops as prescribed, and as you discussed with our surgical coordinator. Take antibiotic and/or anti-inflammatory drops four times a day per Dr. Mozayeni's instructions and be sure not to let the bottle top touch your eye.

On the day of your surgery, make sure to bring these drops with you to your LASIK procedure. In addition to your prescription eye drops, you will also be using artificial tears often. Specific brands will be recommended.

The Day Of LASIK & PRK Surgery

Avoid Beauty Products

Do not use makeup, perfume, lotions, cologne or aftershave the day of your LASIK vision correction procedure. This is especially important, as we don’t want to risk any particles from these products going into your eye during the surgery.

Dress Comfortably

Wear warm, layered clothing and closed-toe shoes. Do not wear sandals or flip-flops. Make sure your clothing is something you would feel comfortable sleeping in so you will not need to change clothes to go to sleep once you return home.

Bring a Driver

Since you will not be able to drive right after your LASIK vision correction surgery, make sure to bring a friend or family member along to drive you home.

Eat a Light Meal or Snack

Shortly before you arrive at your LASIK procedure, eat a light snack or a small meal that will keep you comfortable throughout your LASIK surgery.

Avoid Caffeine & Drink Water

You will need to rest after your LASIK vision correction surgery. Thus, it is best to avoid caffeine or any other sugary food or drink that will make it difficult for you to sleep after the surgery. Drinking water helps keep your eyes moist, which will ensure that your eyes are comfortable after treatment.

Bring Your Eye Drops Prescribed for LASIK Surgery

Bring all of your eye drops including the over the counter preservative-free lubricating drops with you on the day of your LASIK vision correction surgery.

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