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Once you and Dr. Mozayeni agree on a scenario that feels comfortable, then you will move on to a monovision trial. Think of this as a “test drive” of the surgery before you even have the surgery! No need to buy new contacts, we'll provide you with samples. We’ll follow up, talk to you about it, and tweak it if necessary. Never worn contacts before? No worries, we're here to help. This is all about you and finding the best possible scenario for your vision correction to meet your expectations. We provide this contact lens service under the direction of our optometrists Dr. Vanessa Mills and Dr. Lee Raykovicz to create your perfect vision correction plan.

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The Test Drive Experience

We normally recommend that you “test drive” monovision with contact lenses for approximately two (2) weeks. Often times a person will find that although the first few days may have some challenges, with a little patience, and occasional tweaking, the brain and eye begin to “synch up” and the vision gets better and better. If you and the Providence Eye team concur that monovision will meet your expectations then Dr. Mozayeni can perform monovision all-laser LASIK or PRK all-laser no flap LASIK.

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