The Art of LASIK

LASIK surgery is both an art and a science. The expertise of your LASIK surgeon will definitely affect your results. Why? It is the surgeon’s expertise and experience that give him/her a “library” of data to work from. By utilizing all past experiences, the surgeon knows the ways in which the LASIK laser is programmed in preparation for your specific treatment. The best LASIK technology, a cornea trained surgeon, and individualized patient care all combine to give each individual the best result possible.

LASIK technology can never replace quality work by a human being. The phrase “garbage in, garbage out” applies to the basic calculator and all the way up to lasers used today in LASIK eye surgery procedures… To prepare for surgery, I research and examine every individual’s patient data and perform regression analysis with this data. This analysis that we do for every patient enables Providence Eye to provide predictable, optimal results.

Dr. Reza Mozayeni,
Founder & LASIK Surgeon, Providence Eye & Laser Specialists 

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Why Dr. Mozayeni is the Best Doctor to Perform Your LASIK Eye Surgery

Dr. Mozayeni is the most experienced LASIK surgeon in the Charlotte region having performed over 30,000 successful procedures since 1996. Beginning in the year 2000, Dr. Mozayeni has dedicated his entire career to laser vision correction surgery. Dr. Mozayeni has never used a blade to perform LASIK in his practice since he opened in 2003. At Providence Eye we only perform all-laser blade-free LASIK with two of the best LASIK lasers – the WaveLight FS200 and WaveLight EX500 lasers. These two lasers, which are designed specifically to work together, allow Dr. Mozayeni to provide his patients with a LASIK suite that is the most technologically advanced, producing predictable, optimal results for a wide range of visual needs, the least number of side effects and the most comfortable patient experience.