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What is LASIK Eye Surgery? Three Steps to Better Vision with All Laser LASIK

Understanding Your Eyes
Understanding Your Eyes

At Providence Eye, we always invest in proven leading-edge technology. Mapping your cornea is a critical step in determining if you are an ideal LASIK candidate. We utilize several of the most advanced corneal mapping systems including the Pentacam® system and the Wavelight® Topolyzer VARIO Diagnostic Device. Each person’s eye processes light differently and has a different curvature; the mapping is unique to each patient just like their fingerprint.

Creating the Flap
Creating the Flap

Creating the corneal flap is the first step of LASIK eye surgery. Utilizing a laser rather than a microkeratome (blade) is truly paramount to producing optimal long-term results. Although it is industry standard to make the flap with a laser as opposed to a blade, there are practices in The Carolinas still utilizing a blade. Dr. Mozayeni and Dr. Nunnery create the corneal flap using the WaveLight FS200 Laser.

Reshaping the Cornea
Reshaping the Cornea

Reshaping the cornea is the second step of LASIK eye surgery, and the step when your vision is corrected. To reshape the cornea, Dr. Mozayeni and Dr. Nunnery utilize all the data that was gathered during the LASIK consultation, but specifically your corneal mapping. The information obtained from the Pentacam & VARIO shows your surgeon the cornea in detail so he can determine how to reshape it. The flap is gently opened exposing the underlying tissues of the cornea; he then reshapes it using the WaveLight EX500 Laser.

Advantages of All-Laser, Blade-Free LASIK

All-laser LASIK eye surgery has proven itself to be safer, more precise, and more predictable since it was introduced in 2002. Millions of procedures have been performed worldwide using this LASIK technology. While there are more LASIK eye surgery risks for blade LASIK, all-laser LASIK eye surgery is now accepted as the safest and most accurate method for vision correction.

    • Truly customized flap – ensuring a better outcome
    • Lower Risk – virtually eliminates the risk of complication during the procedure by utilizing a computer-controlled laser rather than a blade
    • Faster Procedure
    • Increased Comfort for the patient

    All-laser LASIK is also known as I-LASIK and Z-LASIK. The procedure name is dependent on the laser manufacturer. It is important to understand which lasers are being recommended specifically for you as the patient. Unlike Providence Eye, some LASIK practices have multiple “levels” of LASIK technology and although they may highlight their best laser, you may learn that your procedure would be done on a different (older) laser. It's important to clearly understand the differences in the technology and more importantly in the expertise of the LASIK surgeon utilizing that technology.

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